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Blow Up
True Noise

The result of numerous secret midnight meetings with unseen informants, We finally find ourselves in possession of True Noise, the debut CD from Seattle distortionists, The Blow Up. Again teaming up with movement leader Tim Kerr, the band has graced us with a twelve song mindbender that states its point with urgent accuracy in a mere 26 minutes. Toiling away at machines of their own construction, the group has manufactured a compact tool for aural disintegration and a strident wake up call to the nostalgic flock of baying sheep steadfastly refusing to acknowledge their existence in the moment that is RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

Song Samples
Robots Yes, Androids No
Fake Soul
(You're) Better Off
Suicide Door
Eighty Sixed
Murder 101
Black Lipstick
Hands Off!
Black Rain
You Got Sound
Right Now
Tropic Of Serpico
Cobra Coda



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