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Knock You Up

Doug White of Seattle’s legendary The Sinister Six is fronting a new band chock full of driving guitars, thundering rhythms, and wild careening vocals! As put so well in Vinyl A- go-go, “The Gloryholes are snottified, blasted out, amped up, garage-ripped rock and roll with a squelching, caterwauling lead vocalist and ear bashing, lo-fi, screeching guitar attack.”

The LP was produced by Tim Kerr (Lord High Fixers, Monkey Wrench, etc..) and Jack Endino (Nirvana, etc..) and brings their self destructive show to vinyl.

Song Samples:
Cross To Bear
This Is All There Is
What A Waste
You're So Vile
Ain't It Right
Against The Wall
Hand Of Glory
Levitation Station
Food Service Jerk
Chosen Few
Slow Man Lopez
Push Me Away
13 Bad Pick-up Lines
Big Fuckin' Rock Machine



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