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New York Rifles
Faraway Faster

New York Rifles, from Portland, OR, is the impudent progeny of guitarist/lead singer Scott Young, joined in musical ranks by Gilbran Chong (drums), Wyatt Anderson (bass), and Kitty (back-up vocals and keyboard). Amidst Young’s lyrics of social transgressions and private loss is a driving, slop-pop-rock guitar, flanked by backing vocals and coerced into cohesion by an ebb and flow rhythm section. Recently signed, “Faraway Faster” is New York Rifle’s first release, and sounds like: The Stranglers of The Soft Boys, riding in The Cars, wearing X-Ray Spex, listening for The Undertones,and upsetting The Saints for touching The Buzzcocks, while high on X. Oh Yeah, also, they rock.

1.Tangerine Nails
2.Wrong Tennis Shoes
3. Redlight Suppertime
4. Trouble Boy
5. A Better Break
6. Leaving Day
7. Tell Me
8. Grapes
9. Thumb Tack
10. Letters
11. Home
12. Hollywood Idol
13. All He Ever Wanted
14. Spectacular Catches
15. Right Now
16. Win In Spite



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